9 June 2022 : General Thierry MARCHAND, Director of the Directorate of Security and Defence Cooperation, visited the MICA Center

As part of a visit to the Admiral in Chief for the Atlantic (CECLANT), General Thierry MARCHAND, accompanied by the Deputy Director for Sub-Saharan Africa and the Maritime Safety and Security Officer within the Directorate for Security and Defence Cooperation (DCSD), visited the MICA Center.

The DCSD is one of the directorates of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in charge of managing structural cooperation actions at international level in the field of defence, internal security and civil protection. It has military representatives who are detached to foreign military and maritime authorities in order to set up training and advisory actions with partner countries.

These officers are also key contacts for the MICA Center because of their knowledge of the local situation and their proximity to partner navies. They are a very important part of the information network for maritime cooperation established by the French Navy.

The exchanges made it possible to discuss the challenges of cooperation in the field of maritime security and to highlight the complementarity of this link with the entire MICA Center network.