A new partnership for the MICA Center

The MICA Center cooperates not only with shipowners, but also with insurers with the aim of sharing the information from its network as widely as possible with the maritime world. This cooperation takes the form of a Voluntary Naval Cooperation (VNC) protocol, signed between each partner company and the French Navy, and directly implemented by the MICA Center.

Thus, on 30 November, the CNV protocol was signed between the French Navy and GAREX (Groupement d’Assurance de Risques EXceptionnel). Founded in 1980, GAREX is today one of the recognised leaders in the maritime war risks market.

Link to the article of the French Ministry of Defence: https://www.defense.gouv.fr/marine/actu-marine/la-marine-nationale-signe-le-protocole-cnv-avec-garex