CONAVEX 23 : Final chapter

« Harassment in a strait vital for commercial exchanges, suspicious approach in the area of interest, GPS jamming in a crowded area, harbour blockade…”

What is the point of collecting all those incident reports if we do nothing about it?

This is where and why the NCAGS organisations are standing up for.


By monitoring the shipping traffic and gathering maritime security data, they can give to the military navy Commander recommendations to develop NCAGS effects: Vessel reporting schemes, sailing information, navigation warning, briefings to Company Security Officers and masters, port assessments…

These are the effects that players and actors of CONAVEX 23 have been training on from October 2nd to October 6th 2023, in a scenario based on almost real life events in the Indian Ocean, involving actors worldwide 🌏. 27 incidents (in 3 days!), 20 merchant vessels playing, 11 partner shipping companies … After a long process of planning involving the industry we finally developed during 5 days a scenario taking into account almost all maritime security threats (piracy, cyber, illicit trafficking, mines,…). Loads of lessons learned concluded through an exhaustive debrief with all players.

Thanks to all, mentor (🇧🇪), trainers (🇧🇪&🇳🇱), players (🇨🇵, 🇧🇪, 🇳🇱, 🇮🇹) and Shipping, Société Portuaire Brest Bretagne harbour master, France Cyber Maritime, enablers (CRIMARIO II), partners of the Voluntary Naval Cooperation and observers of the world (🇰🇷& 🇲🇬). With CONAVEX hosted in the perfect premises of CECLANT admiralty, involving for the first time international players, industry and local players in Brest, MICA Center hopes to have set up a new ‘trademark’ exercise of NCAGS with actual effects on improving maritime security. Very many thanks to all participants and observers, we hope to see you for “Bell Buoy 24” in June.