Gulf of Guinea : Large increase in acts of piracy and robbery during November

In accordance with the calls for vigilance issued as the dry season approaches[1], the increase in acts of piracy and robbery observed in November confirms the trend of recent years. Indeed, 18 incidents were reported in the Gulf of Guinea during the period, 7 more than the previous month. This increase is mainly due to a growing number of attacks and boardings of ships.

These last events took place mainly in the JWLA[2], up to 170 nautical miles offshore. They mostly affected oil tankers and fishing vessels, however all types of vessels remain concerned and are invited to apply the measures of the Best Management Practice West Africa.

The total number of crew members kidnapped at sea rose to 36 in November alone. The latest incidents show that a quick retreat from the citadel by the crew can prevent kidnappings.

The MICA Center renews its recommendations for greater vigilance for ships operating in the Gulf of Guinea in the coming months and advises ships to register with the MDAT-GoG.

[1] See «Increased threat in the Gulf of Guinea and recommendations from the international shipping industry»
[2] Joint War Listed Area, published by the Joint War Committee of Lloyd’s and the IUA (International Underwriting Association of London)