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It is recommended that vessels register and report any suspicious incidents or activities they observe as soon as possible. This will help to reduce incidents of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

On Thursday 5 and Friday 6 March 2020, three piracy incidents were recorded in the Gulf of Guinea, the epicentre of global maritime piracy.

The MDAT-GoG has been proactive in relaying information as soon as possible.

Its role is to help maintain a coherent maritime situation assessment in these areas with the capacity to inform and support maritime professionals, thus contributing to the safety of seafarers of all nationalities and ships of all flags.

All information is treated with the strictest confidentiality and is used for the purpose of improving the safety of seafarers and protecting maritime trade.

Approximately 950 vessels are currently registered and recorded in the MDAT-GoG, with an average of 430 vessels tracked daily.