The fifth annual edition of the MICA Center global maritime security report is OUT!

This edition is a fruitful and collaborative work bringing together :

  • statistical data and general analyses from the MICA Center
  • regional analyses by the French Navy (in particular contributions from all our French maritime areas headquarters )
  • generous contributions from some of our partners :
    • now traditional: IFC Singapore, IFC IOR (New Delhi), RMIFC (Madagascar) and IFC LA (Latin America – Peru)
    • new partners from the Brazilian Navy Operational Centre (COMPAAz) to mark the signing of an information exchange MoU in April 2023
    • France Cyber Maritime (to highlight the importance of cyber risk in the maritime industry)

Regarding maritime security, this year trends of note are :

  • a predominance of the rise in incidents linked to conflicts spillover at sea, and especially in the Indian Ocean zone (Red Sea, Bab el Mandeb)
  • an overall stability in incidents of piracy and robbery, albeit with an increase in South East Asia, a relative stability in the GoG and, above all, a resurgence of piracy off the coast of Somalia
  • a widespread increase in illegal trafficking (drugs and migrants) and IUU fishing

Despite this increasingly stressful atmosphere for sailors it is important to put forward the strengthening of maritime cooperation between the French Navy and French and foreign shipowners as well as companies enrolled in the Voluntary Naval Cooperation scheme (with a notable increase this year).

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