In a few years, Jean-Louis Etienne, one of the greatest contemporary French adventurers and explorers, will launch the POLAR POD expedition, a multidisciplinary scientific experiment of drifting along the circumpolar current of the Antarctic Ocean.

The POD, currently under construction between Concarneau and South Africa, will itself be supplied by the sailing ship Perseverance, currently being finalised in the #PIRIOU shipyards in Vietnam.

The French Navy through the #MICACenter have signed a voluntary naval cooperation agreement with Jean-Louis Etienne and his team to ensure that the vessel is properly taken care of during its transit from Vietnam to Marseille in France.

Together with his ship manager, he visited the MICA CENTER on Friday 27 January. He had the opportunity to be presented the functioning of this agreement and the associated mechanisms that will follow the PERSEVERANCE’s crossing.

In return, he shared some memories of past expeditions, but above all he shared explanations on his Polar Pod project in front of an audience that was both captivated and aware of the fact that they were alongside this great adventurer. 

By associating ourselves at our level with this project, we have the feeling of joining him in a beautiful maritime and human adventure.

Thank you Jean-Louis Etienne and fair winds…