The MICA Center takes part in a webinar

“The MDAT-GoG is a reference organization for the maritime industry with which it exchanges very regularly in order to improve its processes and contribute more effectively to the security of maritime spaces in the Gulf of Guinea.”

This is the message that the commanding officer of the MICA Center stressed during the coordination meeting of international partners in the maritime sector of the Gulf of Guinea. This meeting, in webinar format due to the health crisis, is organized by the European Union program to secure critical maritime routes.

This conference was an opportunity for many state, community and private partners to share their experience and strategies for the region.

The commanding officer of the MICA Center specifically presented the objectives and functioning of the Franco-British cell MDAT-GoG (Maritime Domain Awareness – Gulf of Guinea). This MICA Center cell, created in 2016 at the request of the maritime industry, is a virtual reporting mechanism for ships at sea in the Gulf of Guinea in support of the Yaoundé process. In the event of an incident, the vessel concerned contacts the operator on watch at the MICA Center, who then relays the information to nearby vessels and the relevant authorities to help coordinate the response.