Visit of a delegation from Yaoundé Architecture to the MICA Center

On Wednesday, 2nd February 2022, a delegation of officers from the centres that make up the Yaoundé architecture visited the MICA Centre.

The Yaoundé process, launched in 2013, aims to pool the efforts of countries bordering the Gulf of Guinea to ensure safety and security at sea in this area.

This process has resulted in an architecture that consists of the Interregional Coordination Centre (ICC), a structure for information exchange and coordination, which links the Regional Maritime Security Centre for Central Africa (CRESMAC) and the Regional Maritime Security Centre for West Africa (CRESMAO). The coastal area is subdivided into five operational maritime zones, whose activities are coordinated within five multinational coordination centres (MCC).

This visit was an opportunity to discuss maritime cooperation missions within the MICA Center and more particularly those of the MDAT-GoG, which contributes more specifically to the safety of seafarers sailing in the Gulf of Guinea and which acts daily, day and night, for the benefit of the seafarers in support of the centres making up the Yaoundé architecture.