Visit of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOM) by the MICA Center and the MSCHOA

SHOM is the heir of the first official hydrographic service in the world (created in 1720). Its missions have changed over time and now include support for the French defence and the publication of nautical information for the purpose of navigational safety.

The MICA Center and SHOM work together on these two specific missions.

The MICA Center participates in the diffusion of nautical information by reporting to the NAVAREA cell of the SHOM the attacks of pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, thus allowing the diffusion of navigation warnings in the NAVAREA II zone under the responsibility of France.

SHOM supports the MICA Center by providing chart products that meet the specific needs of the unit’s missions.

Innovative maritime safety and surveillance projects, in which SHOM is a partner, were presented to MICA and MSCHOA staff, in particular the European MED-ODMoSIS project and the French PING project for sharing nautical information.


“Source (C) Shom – 2022”