On Wednesday June 21st, 2023, the MICA Center and BRASIL KNUTSEN teams had the chance to meet for mutual visits, as part of the partnership between Marine Nationale and KNUTSEN LNG France.

We would like to thank the KNOT teams for giving our operators the opportunity to discover this shuttle tanker, its crew, how it operates and the living conditions on board.

The ship’s Captain, Second Officer and Third Officer, as well as the HSEQ Manager for KNUTSEN LNG France, Mr. Damien Walgraef, then came to visit MICA Center to gain a better understanding of our centre’s actions in favour of maritime security through the various mechanisms sitting in its walls in Brest (Voluntary Naval Cooperation, MDAT GoG, MSCHOA).

These highly valuable visits were an opportunity for everyone to approach maritime security issues from a different angle, while improving their mutual knowledge.