Voluntary Naval Cooperation Protocol - Yachting

Dear Sir or Madam,

The MICA Center offers free accompaniment to professionals and yachtsmen sailing in risky navigation areas. This service is formalized through adhesion to the voluntary naval cooperation agreement – called VNC. Adherence to the agreement is free of charge and not mandatory. A VNC agreement alone does not ensure your safety, it complements reports to other regional organizations (MDAT-GoG, MSCHoA, UKMTO…), as well as the rigorous following of the Best Management Practices.

You wish to join the voluntary naval cooperation in order to contribute to your awareness of security issues when sailing in risky areas.

On a voluntary basis, the signatory is invited to share in complete confidentiality the positions and future movements of the vessel joining the VNC.
In this case, you will be monitored daily by our operators, thanks to the reporting format that suits you best:

  • Either automatically via :
    • AIS by providing us with your MMSi number;
    • Satellite tracker by providing us with access codes to your position by interface of the associated service.
  • Or manually by sending us an email to the following address: mica-watchkeeper.fct@def.gouv.fr, 24/7 watch.

You can voluntarily share your movement intentions, with a 15 days notice if possible, specifying the transit route, the planned stopovers, as well as any other useful information.

Security information for the beneficiary

The French Navy is to provide the signatory of the protocol with :

  • security assessments of the maritime areas, updated on a weekly basis;
  • ad hoc security analyses following a particular event or at the request of the beneficiary.

You can fill in the information form below to propose your participation to the agreement.