Wednesday, 22th january 2020: Norwegian delegation visit to the MICA

The Norwegian Shipowner’s Association and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spent the morning of 22 January at the MICA Center.

Norway has a large merchant fleet of more than 1,800 ships. It plays a major role in trade flows, on all seas and oceans, with approximately 900 freighters and passenger ships. The other half of the fleet is made up of vessels specialized in oil exploitation.

The MICA Center is now recognised by the maritime industry and is part of a process to open to partner countries. The MICA Center is in this spirit for a better management of information between all who are concerned by freedom of navigation.

A general presentation, followed by guided tour, enabled the delegation to understand the daily work carried out on the MICA Center’s premises. Exchanges were continued during a working lunch.

This visit comes a week after the Norwegian company DNK came to the MICA Center and further strengthens the prospects for cooperation between the two nations in the field of maritime security.